Our Mission

The mission of Anchored Advisory Services is to inspire individuals and equip organizational leaders with tailored business and financial leadership enabling acumen.

Our Purpose

We aim to inspire and equip change leaders who transform their communities and organizations. Leaders who transcend their circumstances, amplify their reach and drive the change they want to see.

Underlying Philosophy

Leadership is at the core of the company’s services. The company holds true the assertion that: We are all leaders in one capacity or the other. True leadership is about building shared greatness anchored in the three pillars – – people, planet, and profit. These three pillars must be balanced in a way that leverages and amplifies impact, allowing for the individual leader to have peace of mind and time to relax and enjoy a quality lifestyle.

What Sets Us Apart

Anchored Advisory is unique in that it stems from a deep-seated altruistic desire to change the world by inspiring and motivating others to achieve their full potential. Our training and consulting services provides unique value and relevance that sets it apart from all the training and leadership courses out there.

Our programs are designed by Jenipher who has more than 5 years university accounting teaching experience, including developing curriculum and pedagogical material, a diploma in university teaching, an MBA, over 10 years industry experience, and is pursuing a PhD in Leadership. Our financial leadership enabling courses customized for finance and accounting professionals are designed by one who is an authority in marrying technical skills with leadership enabling skills, one who understands the unique leadership challenges of finance / accounting professionals and has a commanding grasp of leadership theories and practices. An entrepreneur herself, she has also developed the training tailored for non-financial decision-makers. This training goes to the heart of strategic and tactical financial information needed to support decisions and help ensure efficient and effective oversight.

The objective is to equip and motivate leaders and organizations to achieve their goals by providing tailored business training, consulting and motivational speaking services. The company follows a people-centric approach that puts the individual leader’s needs at the center of what we do.

Leadership is at the core of what we do.

The world is inundated with information and facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty, regulations, and natural disasters. Now more than ever, the world needs great leaders.

If you are not investing in yourself, who is? Connect with us and invest in building your capabilities!

Intended Outcomes for you

  • Transformational experience that outlasts the duration of our direct engagement
  • Enhanced focus on what matters for decisions that matter
  • Amplified acumen to navigate & steward your organization through turbulences and complexities
  • Greater Insights into the three P’s (People, Planet & Profit).

Our Services

Anchored Advisory Services provides motivational speaking services and business training and consulting services that equip leaders with the business management and accounting leadership acumen needed for increased effectiveness.

Delivered as keynote speeches, workshops, webinars, or training seminars, our programs provide clients with the practical tools they need to achieve their goals. Our Consulting services provide clients with the opportunity to deep-dive and address areas relating to our training topics.

Our services are for:

  • Individuals who desire an inspirational transformational experience that enables them to be positive change leaders
  • Users of financial information who need to maintain efficient oversight and make business decisions that matter
  • Leaders and Professionals who are invested in being dynamic leaders recognized as value drivers, go-to advisors, navigators who steward their organizations through turbulences and complexities. Individuals committed to enabling organizations to meet triple bottom line (people, planet and profits) objectives – with integrity and compassion
  • Organizations that value their people and want to invest in their people’s well-being and personal growth