“I am pleased to be able to provide this testimonial for Jenipher Chitate.  I had the pleasure of getting to know her when we both worked for the same company.  Jenipher is extremely bright and engaging. Her story is one that is truly inspiring. She has a very strong work ethic and tremendous experience in her specialization. She has a quiet determination that presents itself in anything she sets out to achieve. I admire her courage and her tenacity. She is resilient and this shows through when she faces tough challenges.   Her strength of character will continue to serve her well in whatever she sets out to achieve. Above all else she is humble and kind. If you have an opportunity to get to know her or to work with her, you will not be disappointed.”

Margie Hammond,

Recently Retired HR Executive



Jenipher is an inspiring speaker who emotionally engages with her audience and presents a strong call to action that galvanizes the community to take positive steps to support a cause. We had the privilege of having her be the key note speaker for a major fundraising event that galvanized the community and made the seemingly impossible, possible. Individuals came together, and our community was strengthened and brought closer together; connections and life-long friendships were formed that transcended cultural differences. I highly recommend her as a speaker when you want to not just motivate, but to see tangible meaningful actions.

Modibo Diarra,

Modibo’s Basketball School