Business Services

Our business services are for you if you want to:

  • Leverage to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness so you can carve out time to relax and enjoy life
  • Acquire tools to achieve effective and efficient practical oversight
  • Leverage and optimize decisions to maximize profits
  • Be empowered with high-level practical strategic accounting & finance knowledge focused on decision making

Our Business services arm is built upon a foundation centred on enabling others to be successful leaders. Services provided emphasise a holistic approach to leadership, starting with the individual leader and leveraging the leader’s tool kit to amplify and achieve great results.

Your world as a leader is immersed in great complexities; we provide a holistic, practical approach that allows you to easily apply what you learn in your life, both at home and at work. Our programs are not just isolated bits but are a comprehensive suite, particularly tailored to address the execution challenges faced in the trenches of leadership.

We aim to leave you with a greater peace of mind that stems from you developing tools to achieve effective oversight and optimize decisions and carve out time to relax and enjoy life.

While leaders are facing common challenges, each leader is different. With this recognition, we provide customer-centric solutions that will help you develop a personalized approach to meet the challenges of your specific situation.  Our solutions are designed to help you manage risks, detect and create opportunities, and to equip you and your employees with sound business skills which you need to successfully run your business. Our customer-centric approach will help you to easily apply what you learn.

If you are a decision-maker with no financial background, we help you understand your accountant and the value they bring to the table, so that you can empower them to be accountable. You will optimize your organization’s value when you effectively partner with your accountant, because nobody knows your business better than you.

Training Services

Delivered as workshops, webinars, or training seminars, our business training services are unique in that they address the business management and accounting needs of leaders and decision-makers. They focus on the language of the client and zoom in on what is relevant. The programmes are designed with the realization that decision-makers need relevant strategic and tactical knowledge to maintain proper oversight and make decisions.

Highlights of Some of our Key Offerings

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The Importance of Fit-for-purpose Risk Management, for Effective & Efficient leadership

Do you know – risk management enables an entity to unlock value and save time! Managing risks is basically finding solutions to the question: what could happen that would stop me from achieving success or goals? Risk must be managed both at a personal and corporate level. Effective risk management is key to success regardless of the size of your entity. The goal is not to eliminate risk, but to find the right response in order to maximize opportunities and turn risks into competitive advantages. The intent is to put in place a coherent and efficient platform that is fit for the entity.

Although most leaders realize the importance of managing risks, many companies do not have a cohesive platform for identifying, communicating and managing significant risks. Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for medium sized and larger organizations is fraught with challenges. Our ERM workshops are based on experience and research of leading best practices. We provide practical tools that help risk managers to develop agility and a sound basis for continuous evaluation and risk learning.

Cash Budgeting & Controls for Decision-Makers

Cash is the lifeblood of a company and no matter how profitable, a company can go into bankruptcy if it runs out of cash. Our workshops will help you understand the cash budgeting process and how to implement internal controls to protect and efficiently manage cash. Small entities with limited opportunities for optimal segregation of duties will especially benefit from a knowledge of our practical ways tailored for micro and small entities.

Finance & Accounting for Decision Makers

This course is for you, if you are a decision-maker who does not have strong technical accounting or financial training.

You will gain practical and relevant information in the language of your business, enabling you to maintain proper non-cumbersome oversight over all financial aspects of your organization.

Yes, “Accounting is the language of business”, though you are not in the business of accounting, you will definitely need accounting information to meet regulatory and investor requirements and to make effective business decisions.

The Triple Challenge: Juggling the People, Planet and Profit Dynamics

The traditional focus of most businesses has been profits, and arguably this should still be the end objective for profit-oriented entities. Financial accounting training is focused on items that can be summed up on the financial statements. In reality an entity’s ‘real’ net-worth cannot be encapsulated on the balance sheet. The investments in the well-being of people and planet, though not sufficiently reflected on the balance sheet (statement of financial position) have huge bearings on profits. This course will provide you greater insights on the interplay of people, planet & profits and the complexities involved in maintaining a proper balance.

Measuring What Matters for Decisions that Matter

Our world is inundated with information and data. This is overwhelming to most as we try to decipher what is important to support successful decision-making. As Peter Drucker pointed out, “What gets measured, gets managed”. We will equip you on how to focus on what matters and what you need to measure to support those decisions. You will be challenged to think of the valuable things that are not easily quantifiable and to creatively develop indicators that will enable you to steward your organization in a directionally correct way.

Emotional Intelligence and your Leadership Style


There is a great shortage of effective leadership talent! This course will position you to effectively meet this need and advance your career.

We recognize that true leadership starts with you “To thyself be true”. So, we will work towards providing you greater insight into your own leadership style and identifying your own personal leadership theory that is most effective in your situation.

By investing in the enabling leadership competencies, you are going to be better able to lead within your formal chain of command and transcend your formal structures to influence strategic decisions outside the formal reporting structure, positioning yourself as the go-to advisor.

Consulting Services

Our business Consulting Services enable you to leverage and simplify your business platforms and create room to lead. In addition to providing you an opportunity to deep-dive and address areas relating to our training topics; we offer customized services to meet your unique governance, oversight, process mapping, and policy documentation needs.


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