Motivational Speaking Services

Services are anchored in proven expertise, broad knowledge and compassion. Inspiring you and others to be part of the solution and transformation within your sphere of influence. Our principal speaker, Jenipher, leverages industry, academic and life experiences to provide relevant practical nuggets of wisdom that you can use to create opportunities and amplify your way to true greatness.

Each offering is accompanied by a compelling value proposition – there is a crystalized value proposition and a call to action tailored to your needs. You will leave with more confidence, a sense of greater purpose, and a greater understanding of how to lead from the heart. You will be inspired and empowered for action, resolved to create room to live and achieve your own greatness.

Jenipher Chitate (on stage)

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Our motivational speaking services are for you if you are looking for:

  • An authentic and refreshing speaker with deep and broad business expertise, academic expertise and life experiences acquired through the University of Hard Knocks
  • A unique speaker who brings something different – diversity of experiences and uniqueness that is not easy to duplicate
  • A value proposition that maximizes Return on Investment (ROI) – a speaker who appreciates value and trust invested in engaging her services
  • A transformational experience that challenges you to be a positive change agent to champion the change you want to see
  • Human connections and shared experiences that result from having a real live speaker
  • Increased relevance and to be part of something greater than your current situation

Motivational Speaking topics include:

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Transformational Leadership – Leading from the Heart

We need to lead from the heart, starting with us and then our families, employees, clients and communities will follow. Leading from the heart means that we care and strive to bring healing in every aspect of our lives. What if, our leadership is such that our homes, our organizations and our businesses  become beacons of hope, places of healing where individuals find meaning, where people and communities are transformed? This will only happen when we lead from the heart; when we are authentic leaders who use emotional intelligence, and are guided by integrity and compassion. When we recognize that profits and economic stability are important, but as humanity we are all called to achieve something much greater. How do we make this a reality? Join our sessions and be part of the transformational change!

Overcoming Adversity and Creating Opportunities for Yourself & Others

Our world is characterized by increasing challenges and adversities. Stress is increasingly manifesting itself at both personal and professional levels. While it is important that individuals successfully manage adversity, this skill set is essential for today’s leaders. Our workshops are founded on real-life success stories. These stories are not just captivating and inspiring; we have taken the lessons learned and designed an Adversity Management Template that can easily be tailored to your needs.

A true leader will not only aim to thrive personally, but also help others see beyond adversities and create opportunities for others to reach their full potential.

Impacts of Family Violence on the Individual and the Organization

Do you know — According to Statistics Canada, 26% (more than a quarter) of all reported violent crime in 2016 resulted from family violence. Family violence was estimated to result in yearly productivity losses of Cdn$33 million. On average; every 6 days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. Employers cannot afford to ignore family violence because if employees are experiencing violence in their lives it affects the financial health of the organization.


Domestic or family violence is one issue that impacts all of us in one way or another. We help raise awareness of its causes, impacts and possible solutions.

Building Resiliency

Resilience is what you need to be able to fully enjoy life under stressful environments. Merriam-Webster dictionary describes this trait as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily from misfortune or change”. There is convincing evidence that this trait can be learned, more like resistance training the improves muscular strength and endurance. Our workshops will provide you with the motivation you need, along with some tools to help you build resilience.


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